skulpturenpark-baselkunstausstellung-caratart-episode-2Verein zur Förderung junger, wenig bekannter bildender KünstlerDer Kunstverein caratart e.V. sucht unbekannte Talente für Ausstellungen.

"Kunst ist eine in Form gebrachte Forderung nach Unmöglichem." Albert Camus


There can scarcely be another area in life that arouses so much private and public interest as art. caratart is a registered organization for the promotion of young and little-known (visual) artists. The idea came about through a passion for art and the desire to help young artists become better known through intensive marketing, and to help their work become more accessible to a broader public. The organization uses every possible marketing and communication opportunity to promote passionate and talented but currently little-known artists. In order to do this, it needs the voluntary support of experienced artists and recognized marketing professionals whose encouragement it currently enjoys now. Naturally the sponsorship and activities are on a purely not-forprofit basis. The proceeds from the sale of pictures solely benefit the artists. Naturally, the organization benefits from the regular work of the hotels and in this way it brings the artists closer to their public than might otherwise have been the case through professional Internet presentations, exhibition spaces, previews and events. We are pleased to invite carathotels guests, friends and employees to join us in this exciting task. The organization is based in Munich and is sure to play a meaningful role on the art scene in the coming years. It is also certain that this role will not just be limited to a professionally run Internet presence for the artists and the provision of extensive exhibition space.

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