A. Beck

A. Beck

My art is given meaning by a sense of enquiry, reinterpretation and transformation. It is not a question of reproducing reality as closely as possible in the time-honoured Baroque fashion. On the one hand there is painting for painting’s sake. As is the case, for example, in the “Baroque” cycle – acquiring an understanding of how to make the actual presence tangible. On the other hand I aim to transport the soul of the image to a contemporary position, so that it opens up to me.
One way is to approach it in a defiant, impudent and disquieting style. This often has a provocative effect, but makes the object accessible whilst leaving it unaffected. New creations and recreations are therefore presumptuous, since my art does not distance myself alone. Reality too seems to be abstracted because of this.
I see my art as a synthesis of new creation and conversion, absorb the different vibrations and condense them in my pictures to create a vision.
Each new work of art is a quotation and integrated in an artistic referential context. Quotations are defined by the difference to their origin, the original from which they are quoting. I work on the distinction between the original and the copy and make the artistic referential context visible, in order to make what distinguishes art more clearly understood – although not without initiating a transformation. The result is an innovative visual effect that fosters a reciprocal relationship between the image and the viewer. The examination of Baroque painting and its particular emotional content produce a tantalising contrast to my earlier works.
Although works from the cycle appear in part to be abstract at first glance, the titles of the pictures contain moments of irony, cynicism, lyricism, poetry and absurdity. They are intended to generate a slight confusion, and are a meta-construct against the initial, superficial glance. The titles aim to pull the viewer into the picture, make them laugh, wonder – and reflect.

  • Andreas Beck
  • born 21.11.64
  • Stuttgart
  • Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • Design for Communication
  • Activities: art, graphics, online graphics, illustration, title animation, compositing for TV and cinema, crafts and much more

Exhibitions (selection):

  • 1993: Participation in the Frankfurt AV Festival “Diavisionen ’93”
  • 1994: St. Augustin Community Centre near Bonn
  • 1994: Würzburg University of Applied Sciences
  • 2001: Klinikum rechts der Isar, Munich
  • 2003/4: MLP, Graf von Maldeghem Palace, Munich
  • 2004: Fussberg Castle, Gauting, in cooperation with the Gauting Art Society
  • 11.2004- 4.2005: Deutsche Bank, Wettersteinplatz
  • 2007: Der stille Glanz der Dinge (The Silent Radiance of Things), Gauting Art Society in the town hall
  • 2008: Alles ist Eitel (Everything is in Vain), Werk 3 Studios, Kultfabrik Munich
  • 2010: Musterfrau und Männer (Jane and John Does), Munich

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