Christine Battaglia-Zumstein

Christine Battaglia-Zumstein

“Shaku maku” is a slang term that is predominantly used today by Iraqis to mean “what’s up?”. The phrase originally comes from the Babylonian and is around 3000 years old. It is part of the name of her homepage and forms the basis of her artistic curiosity.
The Basel artist Christine Battaglia-Zumstein concerns herself with thoughts of becoming, blossoming and decline in her image cycle “it’s a flowersworld.” Each of these phases has something fascinating, unique and ultimately ephemeral about it. The cycle shows the artist’s personal response to events in the media and the world.
She says of herself: “Art is my way of philosophising without needing to philosophise in words. My painting is concerned with colours, shapes, materials, the seen, the experienced and inspiration. Art is a matter of the heart. If the heart is not in it, it becomes difficult to create art. After over 30 years of experimentation and implementing ideas, my search for the new is by no means over and is as exciting as it was on the very first day.” The artist is undertaking journey of discovery through her perception of “becoming, blossoming and decay”. Her pictures invite you, the viewer, along with her on this journey.
Two years ago she transferred her studio to the Kesselhaus Cultural Centre in Weil am Rhein, and now enjoys the transnational atmosphere of the border triangle as well as the possibility of exchanging ideas with the artistic community in the old silk factory.

  • October – November, Kulturkaffee Kesselhaus exhibition
  • 29 May to 3 July 2011 – ALL IN ONE – Galerie im Stapflehus, Weil am Rhein
  • 14 to 19 June 2011 – “caratart episode 1” art exhibition – carathotel Basel / Weil am Rhein
  • 13 May, studio night, Kesselhaus, Weil am Rhein
  • February – March 2011, “Absatz-Spitze” (Heel Tip), dock: Klybeckstrasse 29, CH-4057 Basel
  • 15 December 2010 – 31 March 2011, Basler Zeitung


  • 6.12.2010 – Open Studios – Kesselhaus, Weil am Rhein
  • Grenzenlos 2010 (Unlimited 2010), Basel Herbstwarenmesse (Autumn Goods Fair)
  • Kunsthandwerkermarkt (Arts & Crafts Market) – Kesselhaus, Weil am Rhein
  • Künstler zeigen Künstler (Artists Display Artists) – Kesselhaus, Weil am Rhein
  • Brigitte Ditzler – Haute Couture – Spalenvorstadt
  • Studio Night 2010 – Kesselhaus Cultural Centre, Weil am Rhein
  • “Old News” – UBS Ausbildungszentrum Basel


  • Grenzenlos 2009 (Unlimited 2009), Basel Herbstwarenmesse (Autumn Goods Fair)
  • Open Studio – Kesselhaus, Weil am Rhein
  • Josko fitness – Binzen Germany


  • Anders Vesterby anders wohnen (Anders Vesterby, a different way of living) – St. Alban Vorstadt Basel
  • Basel School of Arts and Crafts
  • Riehen district

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