Gabriele Strehlau

Gabriele Strehlau

With a realistic style of painting like mine, it is easy for the viewer and the artist to be lulled into a false sense of security and believe that they know what the story behind the picture is. But it is precisely this supposed “one” interpretation that I prefer not to endorse. The stories that I tell with my pictures are entirely in the eye of the beholder, and are intended to stir the unconsciousness and awaken associations.
In the more recent works almost exclusively realistic elements are consciously put together with a surreal parallel world. When selecting the elements that are gradually incorporated into the image, first of all I follow my intuition without planning the ultimate statement that is to be made. In a similar way to the ingredients of a chef during the creation of a new recipe, the individual elements in the pictures come together during the process of painting. Another creative approach that tends to come more from the subliminal is reflected in the pictures dedicated to disentangling chaotic elements that are mostly taken from the plant kingdom.
Oil paints, acrylics and gouache are used, often in combination with one another.
Biographical details

  • Born 1965, grew up in Starnberg, lives and works in Munich.
  • Course participant at the “atelierhäusl” free art school (Silvia Götz and Gershom von Schwarze)


  • 2003: Solo exhibition, Wessling/Gut Mischenried
  • 2007: Solo exhibition, Atelier Landwehrstraße, Munich
  • 2007: Group exhibition, Gauting town hall – Der stille Glanz der Dinge (The Silent Radiance of Things)
  • 2009: Exhibition at the “Bücheroase” book shop in Munich
  • 2010: Group exhibition, Atelier Landwehrstraße, Munich
  • 2011: Gauting Art Society annual exhibition
  • 2011: Group exhibition, Gauting town hall – Blüten der Erwartung (Flowers of Expectation)

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