Hannah Feigl

Hannah Feigl

Hannah Feigl, who was born in Lower Austria in 1966, studied at the University of Applied Arts under Professor Maria Lassnig and completed her diploma in 1995 under Professor Christian Ludwig Attersee. The central focus of her creative output is portraiture.
“From her younger days, this illustrative diversity of the range of images representing others, however, opened up to the artist Hannah Feigl a viable path to her own associative and quasi-naturalistic portrait interpretation, which was able to transpose private and intimate traits of the portrayed from the trivial unconsciousness of the every day to the protected sphere of art.” Werner Maria Klein “Hannah Feigl: Portrait” more >>
Bodo Hell gave a very nice speech about Hannah Feigl’s portraits for the exhibition in the Schau-ST.A.LL Amstetten in November 2010. The content of the speech (in German) is available to read on the artist’s website: www.hannah-feigl.com

  • 1966: born in Lower Austria
  • 1984 – 1987: attended the Higher Graphic Academy and Research Institute in Vienna
  • 1987 – 1995: course of studies at the University of Applied Arts under Professor Maria Lassnig
  • 1990: birth of twins, Michael and Moritz
  • 1995: diploma under Professor Christian Ludwig Attersee
  • 1995 – 2008: course leader at the Adult Education Centre for the Arts in Vienna’s Lazarettgasse
  • 2009: lecturer at the Academy in Geras

Exhibitions and Projects (selection):

  • 2010: “pro-trahere – bring into the light”, exhibition bridge, Landhaus St. Pölten
  • 2010: “Hannah Feigl”, solo exhibition, ST.A.L.L, Amstetten
  • 2009: “Display: Objekt / Raum / Betrachter_in?” (“Display: Object / Space / Beholder?”), Galerie IG Bildende Kunst
  • 2008: “Mit eigenen Augen” (With One’s Own Eyes), an exhibition by Maria Lassnig’s master class, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna2007: Galerie IG Bildende Kunst
  • 2006: “Eine Bühne für Fritz Grünbaum” (A Stage for Fritz Grünbaum), project with Monika Draskovits, District Festival of the 6th Sense, Vienna
  • 2005: “reality check!” – bonus tracks – Galerie Tumler, Schärding
  • 2004: “11th INTERBIFEP International Biennial Festival of Portraits Drawings and Prints”, Galerija portreta, Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • 2004: “Dancer”, ST.A.LL 9, Amstetten
  • 2003: “reality check”, Waidhofen an der Ybbs town hall, Lower Austria, Villach & Kunsthaus Frauenbad, Baden
  • 2002: “Identical”, solo exhibition, Galerie Martin Suppan, Vienna
  • 2001: “Bild-Lust, junge Malerei” (An appetite for illustration, young painting), Palais Harrach in Vienna, Galerie Suppan in Vienna,
  • 2001: “Art Vienna, International Art Fair in Vienna’s Technical Museum
  • 2000: “Krieg oder Frieden” (War or Peace), Burgenland State Exhibition
  • 1999: “Köpfe und Körper” (Heads and Bodies), solo exhibition, Rathausgalerie Amstetten
  • 1998: “Unmoralisches Sonderangebot” (Immoral Bargain) with Mara Mattuschka, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
  • 1997: “die Außerirdischen” (The Extraterrestrials), exhibition project with primary school children at the Amerlinghaus in Vienna & “der Regenbogenfisch” (The Rainbow Fish), set design project with primary school children
  • 1996: Exhibition at Eschenbach Palace, Vienna
  • 1995: “Das Tanzkonzert” (The Dance Concert) set design by Silvia Both, Image Dance Festival, Vereinte Bühnen, Vienna
  • 1995: “Engel und Dämonen” (Angels and Demons) diploma, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
  • 1990: Photographic exhibition “Mein Spiegel ist ein Voyeur” (My Mirror is a Voyeur), Fotogalerie im Wuk, Vienna
  • 1989: Lassnig master class exhibition, Heiligenkreuzerhof

A selection of artworks by Hannah Feigl can be found here >>