’s artistic highlights

Frankfurt’s artistic highlights

Frankfurt am Main’s sixty-plus renowned museums are home to a multitude of historic, artistic and educational exhibits. The museum landscape ranges from special subjects such as those covered by the Film Museum, the Money Museum or the Cider Museum, to world-famous international collections of modern exhibits that tempt art lovers from all over the world. The metropolis on the Main is recognized around the world as a city with a.üsseldorf: city of art

Düsseldorf: city of art

For many residents and their guests, Düsseldorf is the political and economic hub of North Rhine-Westphalia. However, it is a less well-known fact that the city is also home to some of the most interesting museums in Germany. Overall, there are almost 20 city-run exhibitions and over a dozen private ones to visit in Düsseldorf. Among the largest and most important museums is, without doubt, the North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection,. highlights in Basel

Art highlights in Basel

Was an dem Klischee des gemächlichen Basel der Wahrheit entspricht, ist nicht eindeutig zu klären. Was allerdings auf der Hand liegt, ist die Muse, mit der die Schweizer Museumsstadt ihre Kunstsammlungen pflegt. Mit einer Sammlung von Abgüssen antiker Skulpturen wartet die Skulpturhalle Basel auf.  Seit über einhundert Jahren konnten rund 2000 Exponate in die Ausstellung integriert  werden und diese nicht nur in der Schweiz zum Highlight für Kunstfreunde erheben. So. Quotations (1)

Art Quotations (1)

Quotations are a good way of summing up a subject. Or, indeed, making several points about it. Quotations are generally short and snappy, and there are plenty of them around! We intend to present you with our favourite art quotations every now and again, for example: “Art is magic, delivered from the lie of being truth.” ADORNO “Art is a contagious activity, the more contagious it is the better.” LEO.

caratart e.V. – registration

caratart e.V. – registration

On 21st December 2010 the caratart organisation for the promotion of young and little known visual artists was officially entered onto the register of associations at the Munich district court. So now we’re officially ready to go. We can’t wait!

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