Hendoc and his new atelier in Frankfurt

Künstler und Holzbildhauer Hendrik "Hendoc" Docken

caratart mentor and exceptional sculptor Hendoc is moving into his new atelier in Frankfurt. He has also taken this as an opportunity to share some private information. About his personal background, his works and the concept of the new atelier.


In 1989, he opened his first workshop in the historic district of Bad Homburg in the premises of an old Wainwright that had been abandoned for decades.  Among the cobwebs and dust that covered most of the 35 square meters of the room, he found transom windows, tools from the 1930s and a small wood-burning stove.  It was here that he carved his first eagle.

In 1991, he moved into a former slaughterhouse in Oberursel that was built around the turn of the century, was also situated in the historic district of town and also featured transom windows.   But now his new abode had 80 sq. meters, central heating and a separate apartment. Hendoc spent nine wonderful years there that were blessed with a lot of creativeness and great parties.  Quite regularly, the eagle was reinvented and carved anew in the Ackergasse.  In 1999, the owner claimed the studio for his personal use and so, in the year 2000, Hendoc finally moved into the woods in which he had already played as a child.

The former hikers hostel “Zur Heidetränke” became his new home. He had no electricity, water, heating or cell coverage but plenty of space that literally reached to the horizon – and no neighbours within two kilometres.  Here, he was able to use his chain saws at any given time during the whole year and a huge eagle that stands at 6 metres now forms the entrance to his realm. After three years of coexisting with generators, together with a couple of friends he digged a 2-km-long trench over the course of four months in order to bury electric cables and telephone cables.  The joy of operating a light switch without hearing the constant noise of the old diesel generator in the background felt better than all the Christmases of the world taken together.   In 2008, a water well was digged to a depth of 100 metres and since then there is an abundance of the freshest water available. The “Heidetränke” is a dream come true in summer – that turns into a nightmare in winter.

That is why Hendoc decided to move back into the city on 12/12/2012. As he is very fond of old houses, a very lucky coincidence led him into the Rosenbergerstr. 6 and he fell in love with this beauty in no time.   By now, the eagles are cast in bronze and are very well secured behind armoured glass and are displayed with perfect lighting. Also, there is central heating again.



The bronzes are cast 9 times, of which only 7 are being sold as a series. The original cast and one further copy remain in the possession of the artist. Afterwards, the casting mould is destroyed, sawn into seven pieces and distributed between the owners of the seven bronzes.

The prices of the bronzes are not fixed but rather develop progressively, as the prize of the remaining bronzes is increased by 10 % after each sale.

Eagle bronzes

Since 1989, eagles form the central focus of his work with their elegant, angelic and victorious form. The aggression in the symbol of our town and our country has been continually reduced so that today it is really rather a “new eagle“.

  • Series 1 from 2003                                                                     5 out of 7 currently available
  • Series 2 from 2012                                                                     6 out of 7 currently available
  • Series 3 in the works

Wood printing

The Hendoc share is a wood print that consists of 7 printing plates with the image of the eagle. Since 9 September 1994, he is printing colours that inspire him onto the finest of papers. Each of these colour battles produces 12 prints of which 10 form a series.  Until today, 230 prints have been created and the maximum circulation is 1,000.  Currently, the price for each print is € 480.  Clients can choose the frame they like.


The history of the eggs dates back to the year 1996. At that time, Hendoc learned that he was becoming a parent and carved a three-metre-long spermatid that was racing towards two eggs out of a gigantic oak; everybody wanted to have the eggs, but no one wanted the spermatid.

Since then, eggs are being formed out of the interesting and history-charged trees of the region and thus pay a tribute to the life of the tree and show its history and beauty.  Besides, the eggs represent haptic sculptures that are dressed to the smoothness of a child’s buttocks. The egg is dried for three years and then lent out for another three years to guarantee slow drying.  After that, it is reworked and ready to be sold. For the last ten years the preferred wood has either been walnut or oak, closely followed by cherry tree and maple. Softwood is only used by the many copyists. Each year he forms between 4 and 6 eggs as he is still enjoying this work.


The forming of a female body out of a piece of premium wood seems to be a talent that many wood carvers were born with. But he considers the grace of the female body doing yoga to be almost perfect.  Such a posture can take Hendoc up to 500 hours of carving and dressing which addresses the technical part of his work. Of course, only bronze casts of these yoga ladies are being sold.

All the sculptures and bronzes can be bought or rented. The fee for renting a sculpture for the duration of a year is 10 % of the sales price, but not less than € 365. Half of the rent will be charged against the sales price.


For the last 13 years, Hendoc has conducted the gildings alone in his house in the woods during the evening or at night.  This is such a quiet task that you can hear tobacco crumbs falling to the floor. In the future, he plans to do this in the evenings in his atelier in the Rosenbergerstr. 6, which will make it possible for interested observers to enjoy a glass of apple cider with him while discussing art, gold and all the other beautiful things in life with the artist. And all of this in an atmosphere of quiet. Please call beforehand to arrange a visit.

Apple cider

After the coming harvest at the end of October 2013, the vaulted cellar will be filled with distinguished, sulphur-free apple cider that will be ready for sale at Christmas 2013. However, it will be sold only at a minimum quantity of 10 litres and buyers will have to bring their own glass containers. Please call beforehand to arrange an appointment.

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