The fascination of modern art – the Düsseldorf art collection

The Düsseldorf art collection that is impressively presented in the buildings K20, K21 and the Schmela-Haus has been fascinating art lovers and the interested public for generations. It was started almost half a century ago with the purchase of several paintings of the famous German painter Paul Klee and today is the home of many works of art from the periods of modernism over American pop art right up to contemporary art.

The museum does not only create a stir with its permanent exhibition, but also with its on-going exhibition programme. Besides a unique selection of European artworks from the 20th century to today, the art collections also focus extensively on important American pieces from 1945 onward in its permanent exhibitions. Exceptional film and video works as well as photographs and room installations complete the collection that is regarded secretly as a kind of “National Gallery”.

Onlookers and visitors of the Düsseldorf art collection find themselves in a world of modern art that is characterised by contrasts and diversity. The impressions of the unique art forms that particularly fascinate by their perfected individuality range from luscious and expressive all the way to psychologically obsessive.

One of the most recent pieces that is featured in the permanent exhibition of the Düsseldorf art collection is the painting “Polyphone Strömungen” by Paul Klee. It is the 100th piece in this exceptional Klee collection and was purchased from the estate of the famous Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Painted in 1929, the painting still has not lost any of its expressiveness after more than 80 years. Different variations of symmetry and vivid colours interact extraordinarily and thus form a work of art that fits the title rather well. It is presented in the Ständehaus Düsseldorf at the Kaiserteich and blends perfectly into the extensive collection of modern art.

At special festivities, like the 50th anniversary, visitors get the chance to take a look behind the scenes of the daily routine in the Düsseldorf art collection. Furthermore, the event schedule is characterised by a close collaboration with dancing, music and literature and thus underlines the artistically holistic approach of the internationally renowned collection.

The museum shop with its extensive range of offers and its sophisticated design already makes a trip to the museum worthwhile. Several self-published catalogues on the portfolio and on different exhibitions can be purchased as well as professional publications. These can be browsed in the shop and also online.

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