mirror of art and time – the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich

Spectacular mirror of art and time – the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich

The Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich does not really conform to Bavarian tradition but rather to the innovative strength and diversity of the cosmopolitan city of Munich, thus fitting perfectly into the multifaceted museum scene of the city. The remarkable form of the building that was designed by Stephan Braunfels and is the home for art from the 20th century to today already counts as a work of art in. to art made easy

Access to art made easy

When first starting to develop an interest in art, there is an overwhelming abundance of impressions and trends. Over time, however, the eye is sharpened for what speaks to our innermost part and almost makes us physically attracted. One visits exhibitions, museums and vernissages, and strolls through galleries. Furthermore, the question needs answering, whether one is captured by contemporary art, the “jungen Wilden” (wild youth), classic modernism or the art. Fairs

Art Fairs

Art Fairs are held all over the world on a regular basis. Many internationally renowned art events are also being held in Germany. Undoubtedly, the Art Cologne is one of the most prominent of these art fairs in Germany – and at the same time one of the oldest art fairs in the entire world. At the Art Cologne internationally renowned gallery owners regularly put art on display. Furthermore, the. Event in München: Big Time an der Brudermühlbrücke

Graffiti Event in München: Big Time an der Brudermühlbrücke

Im Juli 2011 werden mehr als zwanzig renommierte Graffitikünstler aus ganz Deutschland den bereits legendären Wänden und Pfeilern der Brudermühlbrücke in München ein vollständig neues Erscheinungsbild geben. Am 02. und 03. Juli haben Kunstinteressierte die Möglichkeit den Aktiven live bei der Ausgestaltung der riesigen Fassaden beizuwohnen.