– Museum for modern Art in Frankfurt am Main

MMK – Museum for modern Art in Frankfurt am Main

The MMK is one of the world’s most important museums of contemporary art. The city of Frankfurt has shown vision and an astute sense for art when it purchased the Karl Ströher collection that had previously resided in Darmstadt, thus laying the foundation for its own museum of Contemporary Art in the early 1980s. The core of the museum is made up by masterpieces from the 1960s by internationally renowned.’s artistic highlights

Frankfurt’s artistic highlights

Frankfurt am Main’s sixty-plus renowned museums are home to a multitude of historic, artistic and educational exhibits. The museum landscape ranges from special subjects such as those covered by the Film Museum, the Money Museum or the Cider Museum, to world-famous international collections of modern exhibits that tempt art lovers from all over the world. The metropolis on the Main is recognized around the world as a city with a.